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Project Description

Light my fire!

With a brilliant start for the annual meeting of a real high-flyer in the pharmaceutical world,
audience already positioned itself as a think tank in January 2019.

It continued with a launch in April 2019.
Together with the customer’s brand team, audience developed a training concept for the much-awaited launch of a real “groundbreaking product” in the field of rare diseases.

The target is handy:
In preparation for the launch, the sales force is getting “fit for market” in a sophisticated training session using the latest moderation skills.
The training methods are agile – every employee counts!

Walk the Talk! Contents lay the foundation; emotions are set in motion.
From Hamburg in a roll-out all over Germany, every sales expert enlightens a firework by the accompanying sounds of Carmina Burana!

Goose bumps!

audience communication. Inspiration is a question of creativity!

Project Details

Tags: Congress, Event, Product

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