International Train-the-Trainer Summit

Project Description

Participants from over six nations took part in this outstanding event.
The Train-the-Trainer Summit is an innovative and high-quality event format. Code-compliant. By doctors for doctors.

In addition to a comprehensive travel service and meticulous communication, audience communication also provided a high level of service with tailor-made logistics.
has created a solid and reliable communication platform for international physicians.

Doctors could be trained in country workshops and hands-on sessions to enable patients to take care of their illness themselves.

The get-together in the evening with genuine Hessian home cooking in the middle of Sachsenhausen stimulated intensive discussions and an international exchange of knowledge.

As the first seminar with this format, the event was a complete success and audience communication is already eagerly awaiting the continuation.

Project Details

Tags: Congress, Event, Symposium

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