A Rocket-powered Launch Training

Project Description

Countdown has started!

This midsummer audience started into an exciting second round of launch trainings for another product of the “Rare Diseases” portfolio.

Truly a hot time for the team of audience communication!
From one day to the next, a brand-new communication concept had to be introduced.
With a complete set of dialogue marketing tools, extraordinary locations and lots of turbo energy,
we worked closely with our client on bringing his sales team into pole position – and all in 3-2-1 go! 3 weeks.

Out of Office – in lofty heights above home ground, the entire team started their practice for a new orientation in an edgy Munich location.
In fact, even real highflyers enjoy a cool beer in the Löwenbräukeller after a successful GPS tour…

Sparkling ideas!
audience communication. Also, in midsummer with fresh ideas!

Project Details

Tags: Event, Product

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