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Emotional brand communication needs clear-cut concepts, a tight calculation, goal-oriented organisation, strong and sustainable structures as well as reliable relationships. In short: true specialists. We have facilitated sustainable brand experiences at a high level since 1995.  Events that make corporate goals and messages come really alive. Incentive offers that unite, motivate, impress people. Congresses that are compelling from start to finish. Our expertise focuses on the business areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals, food and IT. 

What exactly do we do?

Emotional brand communication

A glance at our life as an agency

Ordering pizzas
Became familiar with countries
Established customer relations
Created booklets

The focus of our conceptual approach is on the satisfaction of sender AND receiver.

— Susanne Schulze-Bahr —


Moments, that are magnificent. Events that are impressive.

We create new dimensions of emotional experience for your brand. Whether positioning a new product, realigning your own corporate image or achieving future sales figures – every event has a clear direction and wants to achieve something: Move people. With a definite focus on this goal, we create the perfect framework, make worlds come into being, stage a perfect show that has your message in the spotlight. Whether 100 participants or 2000 of them – there are no limits to creativity. Nor to success.



We create moments that become enduring memories.


  • Genuine
  • Close up
  • Meaningful

Visions & experience

Visions & experience

We unite vision and experience in order to communicate your goals.


  • Clear
  • Comprehensible
  • Tangible



We design your personal concept leading to success.


  • Personal
  • Custom-fit
  • Successful


The perfect recipe for your scientific symposium.

The planning, organisation and implementation of scientific conferences and symposia requires professionalism, client focus and proximity as well as a high level of expertise and know-how. Over 25 years of experience in the area of medical and hospital events have given us the level of expertise to provide you with a maximum of support from the very onset – in other words: we deliver on-the-spot target achievement in the communication, organisation and budgeting of the events organized by us. Be it interdisciplinary information, exchange of ideas or certified advanced training – our recipe for your meeting will be a perfect fit.

This includes the provision of hotel rooms, attendee registration, A-to-Z in terms of travel and transfer management for external events, or the organisation of symposia, workshops and dinner events on site. Our expertise is proven by our long-standing and loyal collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies.


Code-compliant and comprehensive service.

Where required, the activities of audience are based on the guidelines of the pharmaceutical code of practice and cover the entire task area entailed in a scientific conference. What does this mean to you? Without much ado: no stress. Because we take your organisational processes and handle all commercial decision making for you. You tell us your goal. We achieve it for you. That’s what we call service!

To live in a great idea means to treat the impossible as though it were possible.

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe —



Projects of all types and sizes are part and parcel of our daily work. Satisfied, loyal clients are the best proof of successful work. Experience the benefits of a partnership with audience and profit from unforgettable events and perfectly organized congresses. Numerous companies – from global players to small and medium-size enterprises – have already placed their trust in us.



It is the human factor that shapes audience communication. The caring togetherness at all levels. In over 25 years of event marketing, many of our clients have elleecome loyal partners. Sub-contractors on all five continents have become friends. Co-workers have become trustworthy companions. It is this close alliance that makes possible the impossible, a feat we have accomplished with many an event.

Who are we?

Meet the people behind audience

Statements by our clients

  • The cooperation in the past months was fantastic and I would like to thank the extended project team once again very much. Without audience, the preparation and implementation of our virtual training courses would not have worked out so great and professional and would have been much less creative.

    — Longstanding customer for product launch, from the pharmaceutical industry —
  • Heart and soul, passion, joy and always the right view of the central theme.

    — Long-standing client from the pharmaceutical industry —
  • I love working with the “audience communication” agency because reliability and professionalism are indispensable to me .

    — Hybris Software An SAP Company —
  • A wonderfully motivated team that supported us with great dedication and expertise in our search for a location for international congresses.

    — OmniaMed Deutschland GmbH, Munich —

Here are some of our famous costumers

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Common targets, common success, collectively strong.




audience communication is located in the south of Munich with optimal traffic connections. As an owner-managed event agency, audience communication has been organizing events for companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and IT sectors for over 25 years. As a full-service agency, audience communication offers its customers professional project management from conception to implementation at home and abroad.


audience communication GmbH
Erlkamer Str. 4, 83607 Holzkirchen, Germany
E-Mail: info@audience.de
Phone: +49 8024 9945 0

Contact audience communication

contact audience communication

It starts with a little idea, then it grows into a great event.

— audience communication —
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